Thank a Donor Day is an annual tradition when the DePaul community gets an opportunity to express gratitude for the generosity of the donors who support DePaul.


Each year, hundreds of students take time out of their busy schedules to stop, write a quick note of thanks and think about how their everyday DePaul experiences are made better by the generous alumni and friends who make the choice to support our university. Especially this year, during Now We Must: The Campaign for DePaul's Students, donors are making a tremendous difference in the lives of DePaul students.


Donors' Impact on DePaul

DePaul donors—a community of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends and students (yes, students!)—help make the DePaul experience possible. Donors help fund scholarships that lower the cost of tuition, support emergency assistance grants that help students facing job loss, assist schools and colleges in hosting industry leaders for lectures and conversations in the classroom, provide extra funds for student groups and more. Donors touch every part of your DePaul experience. Last year:

Almost 12,000 donors gave over $60,000,000 to DePaul

Donors provided almost $10,000,000 in scholarship funds

Donors helped fund more than 800 student emergency assistance grants because of COVID-19

Four ways to say thanks:

Write a Thank a Donor Day sign!

Download and fill out a "Thank you for..." or "Because of you..." sign, snap a photo and send it to us at or tag @depaulalumni on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

Record a "thank you" selfie video!

Record a video letting donors know what you're most thankful for and send it to us at or tag @depaulalumni on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

Make it public on social media!

Thank DePaul's generous donors using the hashtag #TADD2020 on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or submit a note of thanks on our Thank a Donor Day Kudoboard!

Fill out the form below

Continue below to fill out a quick and convenient form letting donors know what their support means to you!

Thank a Donor Day